The company's products are manufactured at facilities located in own production facilities located in Voronezh, Smolensk and Kursk regions. Factory plant equipped with modern production lines allow to produce products that meet international standards.

Optimization of production processes and the technologies used will avoid downtiming, will reduce excessive material consumption as well as the level of damaged products, leading to a significant reduction in production costs and offer competitive prices for its products.

The plant in the Voronezh region is located on an area of ​​over 5,000 square meters, it includes a number of workshops, warehouses and office buildings. Specialization of production - metal (elements of perimeter security systems, industrial ventilation system).

The manufacturing plant in Smolensk region is located in Desnogorsk. The unit is equipped with a modern metal-working equipment for the manufacture of ventilation systems and barriers. The total area of ​​production and warehouse space exceeds 3,000 sq.m.

Production workshop in the Kursk region - innovation division, is specialised in the production of high-precision electronic devices used in the organization of the security perimeter of strategic facilities.