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SC "ROSATOM" is a strategic partner of JSC "NEPT" in the field of PSR // 19.03.2018

SC "ROSATOM" is a strategic partner of JSC "NEPT" in the field of PSR // 19.03.2018
On March 16, 2018, an agreement was concluded between JSC "NEPT" and SC "Rosatom" on strategic partnership in the field of PSR-engineering. This agreement will improve the efficiency of the NPP construction process, shorten construction time, improve the quality and safety of work by developing the competencies of contractors.

The production system "Rosatom" (PSR) is a culture of lean production and a system of continuous improvement of processes to ensure a competitive advantage at the world level.
The PSR is based on five principles that call upon employees:

  • be attentive to the customer's requirements (not only in relation to the final consumer, but also to the customer site, the consumer shop and even the subsequent operator);

  • solve problems at the place of their occurrence;

  • to build quality into the process, avoid spoilage;

  • identify and eliminate any losses (excessive stockpiles, inter-operational backlogs, downtime, unnecessary movements, etc.);

  • be an example for colleagues.

The introduction of PSR in JSC "NEEPT" allowed to increase the productivity of works by 1.3 times relative to the normative one.


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