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JSC "NEPT" foundation day // 21.02.2017


Dear colleagues and partners!

In February, our company celebrates another memorable date - the eighteenth anniversary of its foundation. 18 years for a person - the age of majority, the period of transition to an independent, adult life. 18 years for the organization - the age when you can already declare yourself as a leader, reliable and responsible partner, able to successfully implement unique and technical complex projects. Indeed, if earlier we talked about the fact that NEPT is embarking on new frontiers, now we see that many lines have already been taken.

Own developments in the field of engineering and technical systems of physical protection have been used for many years at most nuclear power plants, thousands of volumes of design estimates have been issued, and hundreds of contracts for construction, installation and commissioning have been implemented. Now in work a unique project of physical protection systems for the first Russian floating nuclear power plant which will be based in the permafrost region, the northernmost city of Russia - in Pevek. There is an access to the international markets - contracts have already been concluded for the design of the physical protection of the Turkish nuclear power plant Akkuyu.

This year we are facing new strategic goals related to improving competitiveness, developing new products, entering new markets. I am sure that our knowledge, experience and responsible approach to business will allow our team to solve them effectively and achieve the greatest possible result.

With all my heart I wish all the employees of the company good health, new professional successes, success, creative solutions and implementation of all the plans! Happiness and prosperity to your family and friends!

Yours faithfully,

Chairman of the Board of Directors N.D. Kostyuchkov

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