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Conference "Actual problems of PS activity units" // 03.06.2016

On May 26, 2016 JSC "NEPT" participated in the All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of PS activity units" held by Voronezh Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FPS) of Russia. Speeches at the Conference dealt with topics such as modern means of protection in prisons (the penitentiary system), information technology and security in prisons, topical issues of implementation of the Concept of development of the protection of penal facilities and other matters related to security.


The conference was attended by the leadership of Russia and the Federal Penitentiary Service offices FPS of Russia, members of the territorial bodies of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia structural units of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia institutions directly subordinate to FPS of Russia, leading scientists of educational and scientific institutions FPS of Russia, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and the Russian Ministry of Education, students, professors and students teaching staff of universities of Voronezh, the staff units MIA of Russia, the Russian Emergencies Ministry and other law enforcement agencies and private security agencies.


Joint Stock Company "NEPT" has presented a modern innovative system of detection with non-lethal stun effects "Molnya" (PSNLSE "Molnya") at the conference. PSNLSE "Molnya" is a unique engineering system that combines the functions of an insurmountable engineering barrier , detection and stun effects means on humans when trying to overcome it. The complex method is to defeat the intruder with high voltage pulses when trying to overcome the electrified fence. On an instinctive level the pulse impact causes the intruder to stop trying to overcome and a painful shock prevents recurrence of subsequent attempts. This complex includes detection and self-control options: in case of an open or short circuit electrified fence elements , the operator receives a signal "Alarm" with the indication of the damaged integrity electrified elements of fences perimeter up to 200 meters presision.


Starting in June 2015, on the basis of the training ground of FPS Voronezh Institute, Russia, PSNLSE "Molnya" field tests are in progress to study the possibility to use the system at penal institutions as engineering and technical means of protection to prevent the attempts of the the special contingent to overcome restricted area to commit escape. Tests were carried out under the program and testing procedures approved by the Chief PKU GTsITOiS FPS, Russia. All stages of conducted tests have passed with positive results, demonstrated reliable operation of the system and its compatibility (absence of electrical interference) with the applicable security systems. Based on test results, the device has received design and technical improvements, taking into account the suggestions of experts PKU GTsITOiS FPS of Russia, raising the efficiency of PSNLSE "Molnya" on FPS facilities.

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