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The development of complex lighting control "HORS" is completed. // 25.05.2015

"NEPT" specialists have completed the development and testing of complex lighting control system "Hors" which provides monitoring and control of lights as well as its status.

The advantages list:

  • Operator programmable control algorithm
  • Light display status
  • Remote controllers do not require a separate power connection
  • Minimum costs for maintenance work
  • Failure of the load status of the remote controller will not disturb lamp.

At the point of connection of luminaires (distribution box, cabinet, lamp support) the load controllers are set up to perform three basic functions:

  • Display of voltage supply
  • lamp in order
  • Remote control operation.

Information from the load condition controller is transmitted to the operator workstation either in the form of a control computer with set software, or on request, in the form of a hardware controller with information panel of the programmable controller. The operator receives information about the status of each lamp (on, off, faulty, no communication), and controls the facility lighting system as a single lamp as well as in random group.

Complex parameters:

  • Number of controlled lamps – up to 250 (more-as customized)
  • Maximum power of the lamp-managed - up to 3kW
  • Power supply - 187-242V AC or 12-30V DC
  • Operating temperature range -50 C to +85 C.
  • Lifetime - no less than 10 years
  • Transfer Protocol - RS485.

The company's engineers are ready to provide further information on request.

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